Our movies, fairy-tale and books told us that love is simple. Love is for everyone. Love is easy. Sometimes, love is as easy as a right swipe on the phone.

Love has been so badly misconstrued in modern times that we confuse attachment for love. We confuse infatuation for love. We confuse being crazy for each other as proof of intensity of our love. We confuse ego-gratification for love. Sometimes, the odd one confuses pain for love.

Little do we know that to ‘love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love’. Little do we know that the love we are seeking in another is deep within us. This most sought after feeling in the world called love arises in the heart; beyond the mind. Little do we know that it is impossible to truly love another if one has not been able to love oneself – as deeply and as intently – as one seeks love in another.

The way we love in modern times is in dire need of a re-visit. A new paradigm of love and relationship is begging to be forged – one based on unconditional love, compassion and love for oneself, first and foremost.

Real, truthful love, is rooted in three selves — self-love, self-trust and self-knowledge, and each of which I shall explore in blogs that will follow.

Stay in love.