‘The Wife Who Left a Perfect Marriage‘ is out and available on Amazon.

Book launch on the 22nd March 2019. Co-hosted by the Alliance Francaise and French Institute of South Africa. The launch was followed by a discussion on ‘What does love mean in today’s modern culture?’.    

What readers are saying about the book:

“A marvellous, psychedelic, emotional roller-coaster of a book, Radhika. Filled with fascinating familiars and anointing archetypes. It is a dream-state fugue one can drown in as one can forget to breathe at times. Thank you. I loved it. Emotionally edifying.” – Scott Geoghegan, South Africa.

“Lose yourself in Mia’s compelling journey of discovering love and life. Find yourself again, with courage to push the boundaries and follow your passion. Determine your own truth and fiction with this beautiful rendition of prose to illustrate the odyssey and poetry to incite deep internal reflections.” Ajnav Deka, India.

“Be swept along in this true fantasy novel to a time when Mia leaves a normal life and leaps into the unknown – and where a weird and crazy madness reigns. Mia makes an unconventional choice that only a few are brave to go for.” – Alex Klemt, Germany.

About me:

I am an artist and author currently based in South Africa. I grew up in the hills of Shillong in India, often referred to as “Scotland of the East” that are stretches of austere and unspoilt, green lands. Having started writing prose and poetry in my early teens, a career in journalism was a natural choice for me.

Later, I anchored myself in research on innovation, science and technology policies. My varied life experiences have led me to travel and live across the world and find true inspiration in art and writing. Through my writing, art and a SunshineLeaders project, I endeavour to inspire others in finding their true selves so that they can pursue their meaningful mission in life.


Also to be published soon, WHO THE HECK AM I:  Did you know that empty space is curved? This ​a mini, inquiry-based spiritual guide to waking up to your true self. Stay tuned to its release!