I imagine this is the time and place I could share a piece of good news with everyone.

I have been selected as a Fellow of change-makers commencing 2020. Starting Bloc, an international leadership organisation, finds high potential leaders and helps them shift their perspective on what it means to lead well. They convene, support, and shape the leaders that our future needs.

The Birth Of Youth Leadership
 I wanted to use my creative skills and create social impact. I wanted to do something beyond just creating art and writing. 
So that is why the Youth Leadership Project came into being. That is how its mission originated: to equip the youth with transformational ideas and skills so that they can create a more equitable and sustainable society through creativity, compassionate citizenship and collaboration.
We have begun to design a programme for social intervention and guidance for the youth from disadvantaged communities in India and South Africa. The programmes are designed to develop the most critical skills of the future –  creativity, empathy, compassion and leadership through collaboration.    
The Youth – the Leaders of the Future
 Through imparting experiential learning, we make participants understand how arts can be applied in today’s world – and specifically applied to leadership. In addition, we direct the programme at the youth with a drive and passion for social change but are unaware of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ and ‘why’.
Within a month of its operation in India, we have been given the opportunity to conduct various outreach programmes at higher educational and vocational institutions, and youth focused non-governmental organisations. 

We are aware that future leaders are going to be very different — and fundamentally better than the traditional ‘positional’ leaders of today. These people will have different motivations and needs. They will be unique and authentic. They will have a passion and commitment to transform the chaotic, confused and broken world that we all live in.

Mumbai, 2019