There is this desire in each one of us to become whole and perfect – just as we naturally areBut to become whole, we would have to retrieve and re-connect lost parts we once were. Parts we had suppressed or pushed away, growing up.  Parts that we hid from others because the environment around us was unsafe or too uncomfortable to be expressed. And then there are parts that we still hide from our selves. 

Our inner-child is often the most suppressed part of ourselves.

Each one of us has a child in us. It is the child that was once us. As adults, the inner-child shows up every now and then – and often it lies disguised behind certain desires and actions. The inner-child and as every suppressed part, shows up during every awakening process. The suppressed child wants to be expressed.   

The only real thing in every adult is their inner child. This child is a flash of spontaneity with an indisputable impulse for life. There is nothing impossible for the child – she is awake and alive and happy.  The child takes a leap of faith, is insanely curious and does what it wants. She or he does not care about what others think. They are bold and courageous and does exactly what they feel.

But where is the child now? One who used to love life so much? Where did the spontaneity go?

Growing up, we lose touch with not only our true self but our inner child. Growing up, we forget how to be happy and carefree. We lose spontaneity. Sometimes we forget to smile, and we look for reasons to laugh or cry.  

We forget to love life as much as we used to as a child.

A good way to discovering your true self is through the inner child.



It is through a daily practice of meditation that we can re-connect with our lost and suppressed parts of ourselves. During meditation think about how you were as a child – the pure feelings and thoughts you had about yourself and your surrounding. Try and bring those feelings back and what you loved doing as a child and during each meditation session you have with yourself.


Radhika Mia is an author and artist and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is starting a series of blogs and vlogs discussing the nature of love and relationships as a follow-up on her book ‘The Wife who Left a Perfect Marriage’.