Writing has an alchemical effect upon the imagination. It takes us out  of the realm of analytical thinking, and into the realm of silence, reverie, and heightened awareness. Do you want to experience a 3-hour magical writing journey with us? Whether you want to write a small paragraph, short story, few lines of poetry, lyrics or simply jot down thoughts. True transformation occurs when we decide to unlock our stories and write about them. When we write, we listen and learn – about ourselves and others.  And the world we live in.

About the Facilitator – Radhika Mia

Radhika is an artist, writer and social entrepreneur. Her varied life experiences have led her to travel and live across the world and find true inspiration in art and writing. She grew up in the hills of India, and now divides her time between India and South Africa. She challenges people to think differently about how the world works. Her passion is to equip people with tools that inspire them to become the best version of themselves. She founded the global Future Leadership movement during lockdown in May 2020 and The Creative Flow Project in 2019.  She has facilitated Creative Flow workshops for large global organisations and individuals in Norway, India, The Netherlands, USA, South Africa, Turkey and Mozambique. 




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