Artform: Drawing, Collage, Photography and Storytelling

Duration: 4 hours (1 Day)

In today’s world, collaboration is essential to remain viable – whether you are an individual starting out on your own, building a small business or are a big corporation trying to disrupt markets or enter new domains. To drive collaboration and creativity within an organisation – small or big – team members need a convincing reason to be a part of an organisation. People thrive in environments which free them to communicate, and work together. This session fosters collaborative learning, problem-solving abilities, and develops the practice of creative thinking.


  • To explore the self about the team

  • To stimulate visual thinking and multi-sensory processing

  • To explore abstraction as a means of compressing and synthesising information

  • To construct knowledge and meaning from art

  • To foster collaborative learning and problem-solving skills

  • To provide an adventure in innovation thinking

  • To apply breakthrough insights and ideas in ways that can turn business enterprises around, grow them dramatically, or simply make them more efficient, effective, creative and successful


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