Our society is not ready for the deep feminine. Only very few men are ready for her. But then again – not every woman is ready for the deep feminine either.


While at the park the other day and sat under a beautiful tree – I received a powerful healing. A healing for my rage. I was called in by an inner voice, the same voice that invited me few years ago to reclaim suppressed and lost parts of my self.

For long we have been living by patriarchal values that deep down are not true to who we are as women, and as men. For centuries we have been accepting values and following rules and laws dictated to us by men in power. To this day, consciously or unconsciously, we are still allowing men to control our womanhood and our sexuality.



The suppression and control of our feminine values and qualities is the real cause of my rage. It is the same rage, suspicion and resentment of many other women and who – like my mother and grandmother and great grandmother – were forced to step aside, give up on their dreams and conform to a society made by men for men.

We made our bodies invisible and our voices inaudible. We stepped aside and made room for men and their patriarchal ideals and values instead. We lost our intuitive expressions and values. We lost the ability to listen to our inner voice and our bodies.  Instead we pushed ourselves further and further into the dark background – only to soon become comfortable with living in the shadows.  

But as a consequence, many women lost the wisdom and qualities that makes them a deep feminine – intuitive and empathetic and mystical and yielding. 

These days, women are primed to compete, lack intuitive intelligence, are self-centered and materially ambitious. They take pride in being rational and analytical, feel jealously and are threatened by other women.

But having lived in the darkness for so long she knows no better. Her rage is her desire to be seen and heard. Her rage is the projection of the dark shadows with which she was forced to live. 

But the deep feminine is slowly preparing herself to rise out of the dark shadows she cast upon herself.  

The Deep Masculine and Feminine

There are lots to uncover about the deep feminine. Parts we did not know existed will surface and with each passing experience and encounter with the masculine, and with each interaction in a patriarchal society that threatens to undermine the deep feminine.

Because everyone carries the feminine and masculine wisdom and qualities within, it will be necessary for both men and women to find their inner voice. To rely on their intuition and the sensory body, rather than solely on rationality and logic, and the thinking mind.

The masculine who has found his inner voice will seek to work together with the feminine. It is because the deep feminine is aligned with the higher good for all. For humanity. She is not an individualist or self-centered. She does not feel jealously or ever threatened. She is in her power.     

The deep masculine on his side is expected to step in and give direction to where the feminine wants to go. He will feel inclined to give purpose to what the feminine is preparing for, and will trust her with all his heart.

But unfortunately, our society is not ready for the deep feminine. And only very few men are ready for her.  But then again, not every woman is ready for the deep feminine either. 


Radhika Mīa is a writer and artist based in South Africa. Through her writings and conversations, she endeavours to inspire others in finding their true selves. She is continuously creating and evolving as a human — expressed through her art, design work, poems and writings.