When you aim for perfection you realise that it is moving target — you will never get there. You will never get your work done. For months I spent too much time being perfect — perfecting the book I had been writing. I focused on the smaller and the smallest details — I wanted every word to matter. The urge to write the perfect sentence was ruthless.

I behaved as though the book was the most important thing in the history of the universe. The worst thing I did to myself was to hold the book as the path to my redemption — the book became my excuse. But it brought out the worse in me — because I second guessed myself. I doubted if I could write. I lost objectivity and perspective.

Perfectionism stalls creativity. It prevents one from finishing what could have been meaningful and amazing work. By aiming for perfection you aim for less — because you can only do more by putting yourself out there without holding yourself back. Creativity flows when you can let go of who you think you are and supposed to be.

It is once you realise that you are not perfect and that no one is — is when you develop confidence. You stop fearing how your work will be received. You develop objectivity and you detach. You distance yourself in correct measure from your own work — and you become bold.

You have fun and creativity flows.