The plot of our lives are changing. For awhile – we will be disoriented, finding ourselves at the crossroads of confusion and uncertainty. We will wonder what just happened, and where what we dreamt of all went. Everything we have come to believe in and identified with, is collapsing.

 We have nowhere to go. We have no role-models and no leaders. Our social structures no longer give us meaning.

But these changes are one of the few certainties we have. They are both real and impersonal. They are bringing us closer to who we are – forcing us to examine our identity and beliefs. Forcing us to take one hard look at ourselves. We no longer want to remain anonymous. We no longer want to hold on to the old. We are no longer trying to get somewhere. We no longer want to achieve for ourselves. We are no longer try to remain separate from others.

In this impersonalisation, we are learning that what we thought about life has nothing to with what life actually is. We are discovering life and ourselves – of feelings of genuine love and compassion for each other; expressions of justice that resonates with the heart rather than the mind; and the speaking of our truths when we feel them.

Nothing that we seek is personal anymore. Undeniably it is a change – a spiritual one. We feel the change in our spines, in our hearts and our our souls.

This video is a sneak peek into the changing times: Waking Up to Racism at Yale University