There is a common tendency in us.

The tendency to suppress ourselves, in order to fit-in, and not stick out like a sore-thumb in a society where everyone else is conforming or trying too hard to fit in. Many limit themselves to remaining versions dictated by their families, culture, religion or education. 

When we suppress all or parts of  ourselves – we suppress creativity.

For the act to create is a basic human need. When we suppress a basic and predominant need, we suppress being who we truly are.  

We suppress when we hold fears. Fear of leaving familiar ground. Fear of being judged by others, mostly. 

Fear stifles creativity. Fear deprive us from coming alive and being who we are. ‘But isn’t the whole point of being alive is to evolve into the person you were intended to be?

Well truly, that is whole point of life: to be who you are and come alive being it.

Radhika Mia