I was born to write. Writing is the sole purpose of my existence.

So when I write – I bleed.  When I write – life is made a little more bearable. When I write – I weep. When I write –  my deepest and darkest self cascades out of my soul. When I write – I thrust an extraordinary purpose into my banal existence. When I write – I become immortal and come closest to being god. I create miracles and destroy worlds. I make devils the offspring of the gods, and angels fallible beings.     

I escape to a world where invisible beings tell me their stories. They beg me to give them a name or a face. They want me to resuscitate their lives. They tell me that their pain, fear, joy and aspirations are universal and inescapable – ‘it is what knits humanity together’.

It is in those imaginary places and amongst unseen people where I find the courage to be human, before I am a writer. I descend to the chaotic depths within – unafraid, because I know I am not the only one there. I ascend to experience the extremes of beauty and love – unafraid, because I know I have wings just like the birds.

We remain surrendered to the mysteries surrounding life. We resist normalcy and the insipid temperament. We weave magical stories out of our broken and imperfect lives. Life to us is not about the humdrum of the daily life and what we see on the surface.

It is about what we don’t see –  emotions and imagination. 

Those unseen things are the most humbling forces in the life of a writer. It humbles the writer into sincerity. It makes her a curious observer of life. Writers are aware of the unstable form that life appreciates.   

Perhaps it will not be a writer but a butterfly – and a wild one – that will enliven our otherwise dulled world. As she will flutter her wings, she will shower upon us a midsummer madness of the kind only known to writers.

So that we will remember forever: that our emotions and imagination are the only two humbling forces that will knit humanity together …again.

And it will not be words. It will be more profound and powerful than words ever written or spoken. 

– Radhika Mia