A friend I met many years ago when we were living in Thailand reached out to me, after reading one of my blogs: I don’t know what I want anymore. I just know I lived and was lived (I went with the flow that is). And now I am here asking myself why am I here and is this what I want? How did you find out what you want? Who/What are you?

I was surprised that it came from someone who is very successful in his career and personal life. Although I badly wanted to help my friend from afar, I couldn’t at that time. But his urgent plea haunted and taunted me for the rest of the year.

Our sense of meaning is relative to our existence, and as far as anyone can tell, life is random and adrift at times. Fatuous other times. None of us have been handed our purpose in life – we have been put here to figure that out ourselves. Our parents, teachers and society will attempt to pressurise us into their agendas – but they are externally driven. They seldom harmonise with who we truly are: who we want to be or become. what our true talents are.  

At some point in our lives, our externally-driven lives catch up on us, begging us to be our authentic selves. But we can also choose to ignore that feeling and live on outwardly driven, without a purpose. 

I am greatly inspired now to finally work on this topic. To give and share. And to help guide our connection back to our authentic feelings. He inspired me to start the 10-DAY challenge which begins tomorrow, and which I am eagerly looking forward to

Radhika Mīa