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“Radhika created a creative space in this workshop where I left my corporate life behind for 3 hours. It was a liberating experience where I felt more in touch with myself and felt my creative urges oozing out whether it was through Haiku (jam), painting, dancing, music or just listening to a creative person speak about the concept of Flow.”

Ajnav Deka
Tata Power- Mumbai (India)

“I have three vivid recollections of Radhika’s flow workshop:

  1. The diversity in age and profession of the participants
  2. A conversation-led sharing of experiences and thoughts
  3. Use of painting as a medium to express, as opposed to prescriptive discourses often found in corporate workshops.

A must-attend for today’s “information overload” weary executive !”

Ankur Pegu,
Reliance Industries, Mumbai (India)

“First of all, I’d like to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful, soul-soothing session. It made my mind stop racing and really getting into the actual moment and look within myself objectively but without any pressure.  It made me curious to explore more and to give in more often to these feelings of ease and creative endless possibilities. It also made me question some behaviours or some things I have always considered just “facts” about me, and reassess them, but without the guilt. It was peacefully contemplative.”

Mingas Loforte, Designer
Maputo (Mozambique)

“I was initially hoping to get lessons on how to enter the ‘state of flow’. But I realized during the workshop that it’s all about the experience. We all have an intuitive grasp of what a state of flow means, and the workshop gave me an opportunity to try and tap into it. And to my surprise, I found that I was indeed able to go with the flow and create something meaningful. I was surprised because of the science training that has molded me into a methodical and systematic thinker and planner. This workshop gave me the opportunity to flip myself inside out for a moment and try something new. And I can honestly say that the experience was novel and invaluable, even if it was just for a few minutes. I drew a self-portrait laced throughout with metaphors that ended up conveying something deeply meaningful — at least to me, and I guess that’s what matters. My experience with this workshop has given me the hope that letting go could indeed work wonders.”

Santosh Manicka, Scientist
Tufts University, Boston – USA

“Radhika’s creative flow online workshop was such a refreshing experience. She brings in a lot from “nature” around to her sessions, which makes it easy for the participants from diverse age group, profession & different corners of the world to connect and let flow out their creative juices in different forms like paintings, art, conversations, etc. It was so fascinating to realize the amount of creativity hidden amongst all of us but somehow lost during the daily grind of life. Also noteworthy was her easy free flow conduct through conversation led sharing of life & experiences that started with a 4 mins meditation with an attempt to shun the participants away from all worries, distractions to be at their creative best. Highly recommended to all working people who constantly in a race to achieve everything in life but barely know their true inner self.”

Rishiraj Choudhury
LG Electronics, India

“Wow! Your session opened a new world to our creators What a great session you hosted last week for our Street Labs’ Creators. It embodied everything we want to convey through this program. The participants really enjoyed your session. Kudos for sharing your insights and valuable time with us.”

Pierre Stanley Baptiste
Project Manager and Creative Director –
Street Labs – Haiti